Why the typewriter hook? When I was ten years old I went to my first Blackburn Rovers match with my Dad. After getting home I decided I had to produce a report of what I had seen. So I sat in front of my mum’s typewriter and began writing.

That day I fell in love with storytelling: the magic of taking a memory, an idea, an event, and giving it eternal life through words. I learned to appreciate the art of copywriting, to carefully choose specific words to evoke an emotion or reaction or to explain something. I embraced digital copywriting, crafting long copy to sell, explain, inform, create.

Every day I grow as a storyteller. This portfolio is a chance for me to record my work and demonstrate what I can do. Below are some short stories about my career highlights as a copywriter, content producer and content manager.

I hope you enjoy what you find and maybe you’ll enjoy it enough for us to work together one day.