ii had a new pricing model ready to launch. Trouble is not enough people knew who ii were. So we launched a campaign of subtle press ads in industry publications. Each message was delivered as an adjective supported by a ‘long and short of it’ explanation. They were published on separate pages, over leaf and serialised over a period of six week period leading up to the launch of the new pricing model. Concept work by me andĀ Brass Agency, words by me.

[Produced whilst at interactive investor]


A self invested personal pensionĀ (SIPP) is a popular product for investors saving for the long term. However, it isn’t uncommon to find it coming with a myriad of fees. ii launched a new one embracing the company’s flat fee pricing model. They wanted press coverage so I created this ad for them, utilising the same format as the previous press ads but with a punchier message.

[Produced whilst at interactive investor]